Bathroom Plans
  • Bathroom Facelifts

    Whoa! Don’t start tearing out walls and fixtures just yet. There are dozens of things you can do to make your home’s bathroom nicer without removing things. Or maybe just a few things. You can apply a little “Bathroom Botox” in a few hours or over a weekend to take out a few wrinkles here, a tuck there, and make the throne room look young again! This first section is an idea section. You’ll see how numerous average and below-average bathrooms are converted into model baths without moving major components. Later sections will show you exactly how to do these things. For now, you want ideas. So sharpen a pencil, grab some scratch paper, and step into the lavatory.

  • Bathroom Makeovers

    Sometimes simply recovering or replacing bathroom components isn’t quite enough. You need to make some major changes. Move a tub. Modify a wall. Change some plumbing in the wall. Can you? Should you? This second section heaps additional ideas and options on to your innocent plan to modernize a bathroom. It gives you information you may not have considered. And it offers professional tips that can make the job go easier and make a smaller dent in your checking account. As before, don’t grab any tools just yet. Instead, let’s explore your options.

  • Bathroom Additions

    Sometimes the problem isn’t remodeling the bathroom you have, but adding a new bathroom on. Now we’re talking some serious work—or so it may seem. Actually, adding a bathroom to your home may be easier than other options. There may be extra space in a bedroom, basement, attic, or other space. Or you may need to create some additional space. In any case, an addition can be your best option. This section offers dozens of practical ideas and lots of tips on how to enhance the livability of your home with the addition of a new bathroom. You’ll see how it’s done and you’ll see the results. Along the way you’ll get some inspiration for your own bathroom remodeling project. Let’s get started.

  • Bathroom Needs

    By now you’ve developed some ideas on what type of bathroom remodel you’re going to tackle: facelift, makeover, or addition. Of course, the final decision is subject to the design, budget, and how much you’re going to tackle yourself. This section takes a look at your bathroom as a service rather than just another pretty room. It helps you determine your living group’s needs, the design rules you’ll have to live with, and any “issues” that need addressing as you remodel. It’s an important step in getting the room you want at the price you can afford.

  • Bathroom Design

    For some do-it-yourselfers, designing the new bathroom is the fun part. For others, it’s the most difficult aspect of a bathroom remodel. All those decisions! Fortunately, you’re not the first one to face bathroom design issues. There are lots of experts out there ready and willing to share what they know and to answer your questions. With their help, this section will make you feel more comfortable—and even excited—about designing your home’s bathroom. Once a year, the National Kitchen and Bath Association hires a research firm to conduct studies on what people want in bathrooms. The survey asks members what consumers are including in new bathroom designs, so it’s skewed toward consumers who use Certified Bathroom Designers. However, the results also reflect what many do-it-yourselfers want in their next bathroom.

  • Bathroom Budgeting

    Here comes the bottom line, the question you’ve wanted answered since first visiting this website: How much is this bathroom remodel going to cost? This section helps you answer that question with specific steps and typical costs. You’ll see how to figure all costs as well as how to cut some of them without cutting quality. So sharpen your pencil and let’s start spending money—on paper.

  • Bathroom Finance

    Money is the root of all remodeling. Even if you’re doing all the installation you still need money for new plumbing and electrical materials. You still need some money. Where are you going to get the cash? If you’ve already saved up for this job, congratulations! Or maybe you hit a smaller lottery jackpot and, after taxes, you have just enough to remodel the bathroom. Or maybe you’re not sure where the money is coming from. Even if you already do have a source of bathroom remodeling funds, read through this section. It offers something more valuable than money: ideas. You’ll see how thousands of other successful remodelers have cut costs and increased the value of their home with a new bathroom—and how they paid for it.

  • Bathroom Experts

    The key to success on any new project is getting good advice. This website offers an inside look at how bathrooms are remodeled as well as what to consider when you do so. But this website can’t actually build your new bathroom. You or someone else is going to have to do the actual work. So who do you need to hire as help? Maybe nobody. Depending on your remodel job, your comfort level with tools, and your budget you may or may not need to hire a bathroom designer or architect, remodeling contractor, electrical or other subcontractors, or laborers. You probably will have to select a materials supplier. In any event, you need to know what each expert does so you can decide whether it’s an expertise you need to hire.

  • Bathroom Prep

    Ready to start tearing things out? Hold on! There are two additional important steps: preparing the bathroom for remodeling and making sure you have the needed building permits. This section covers how and when you’ll need a building permit for remodeling your bathroom as well as how to follow local codes. In addition, it begins the remodeling process by showing you how to prepare for remodeling your bathroom. You’ll be getting ready for remodeling and taking care of any final problems.


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