Bathroom Remodeling
  • Half Baths

    One of the easiest and least expensive bathroom remodeling projects is modernizing a half bath. A half-bath facelift, for example, can be completed in a weekend at a cost of under $1,500. A makeover can double or triple the cost with significant results. Adding on a half bath can set you back many times more money, but give you valuable results. This section shows you how to remodel smaller bathrooms, called half baths, including actual projects and introducing some of the specific steps. Additional instructions are offered in other sections as each bathroom system or component is explained and illustrated.

  • Full Baths

    The majority of modern bathroom remodels is of full baths, ones with a tub and or shower. With so few major components you would think that there are few variations. However, remodeling suppliers have come up with a wide variety of designs, models, sizes, and features for every bathroom component including the single-purpose bathtub. If you are remodeling a full bathroom, this section will give you an overview of your project and help you decide how best to tackle the job. If you’re doing a facelift or a makeover and you’re already handy, you may only need to refer to this section. If you want to learn more about plumbing, electrical, and other bathroom systems you can next refer to Bathroom Systems that go into greater detail.

  • Extended Baths

    Many people think of someday remodeling their old bath into a dream bathroom. Then they get the cost estimate and settle for a remodeled full bathroom. However, as you’ve learned in this website, doing some of the work yourself and shopping smart you can extend your remodeling budget and get more than you may have first expected. This section shows you how to turn your plans for an extended bathroom—one with more space and more features—into a reality. You’ll learn how to select specific major components as well as how to install them. Your dream can become a reality.


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