Bathroom Systems
  • Bathroom Plumbing

    Bathrooms require water and water requires a method of distribution, called plumbing. Doing most any remodeling job in a bathroom requires some knowledge of plumbing. Even if you’re just replacing faucets, you need to know how they fit into the scheme of things and how to make sure your job doesn’t become a bigger job. This section takes you inside the typical home’s plumbing system to show you how it works—and how to remodel it. Even if you already have some experience with plumbing you’ll learn some new tips and techniques. If you’re new to plumbing, it will give you a basis for tackling your bathroom remodel project. You’ll discover that plumbing systems are quite logical and efficient. They’re also relatively easy to remodel.

  • Bathroom Wiring

    Bathroom lighting is often overlooked when remodeling. Yet bathroom lighting systems can dramatically enhance the function and beauty of any bathroom. Especially of natural light isn’t readily available, well-placed artificial lighting can change the room’s atmosphere more than just about any other remodeling component. And it doesn’t hurt to have more outlets and switches, either. In this section you’ll learn how electrical and lighting systems are planned and installed in bathrooms. Even if you’ve never taken the cover off a light switch you’ll find sufficient instruction and step-by-step photos here to tackle most electrical remodeling job—or at least keep your electrician honest.

  • Bathroom Heating

    One of the primary reasons for remodeling any bathroom is comfort. Many homeowners choose a comfortable bathtub and other fixtures, but forget to consider two of the most important comfort systems: heating and ventilation. Of course, once the job is done they realize that more attention should have been given to adequately heating or ventilating the room. Coming out of a shower, the floors are frigid and the mirror is fogged. And besides human comfort, walls and woodwork prefer a well-heated and-ventilated bathroom. This section shows you how to make your bathroom’s atmosphere more comfortable for everyone and everything.

  • Bathroom Walls

    If your bathroom remodeling job is more than a facelift, chances are you will have to tear into, replace, or install a new wall. If the floor system is damaged or you’re adding a new room to your home as a bathroom you will fix or install a new floor. This section will show you how walls and floors are built and remodeled. In addition, you’ll learn how to install a skylight in your bathroom. To make the job easier, included are numerous hands-on photographs and drawing so you can visualize the job ahead.

  • Bathroom Cabinets

    Cabinets are a vital component of any bathroom remodel job. Even a bathroom facelift can be enhanced with a new set of cabinets. Fortunately, premade cabinets are readily available and easy to put in. Countertops, too, are easy to install even for the first time do-it-yourselfer. This section shows you how to select and install bathroom cabinets from the floor up. It illustrates the differences between various materials and guides you in selecting the right cabinets for your remodel and your budget.

  • Bathroom Fixtures

    Once the plumbing is roughed in, wiring completed, heat and vent system in, walls and floor finished, and cabinets installed it’s time to finish the plumbing. That means installing the final components of the plumbing system. Other sections of this website gave general instructions for plumbing. This one gets more specific about installing fixtures.

  • Bathroom Finishing

    Whether you are thoroughly remodeling your bathroom—removing walls and fixtures—or simply giving an old bathroom a facelift this is a very important section. In it are illustrated instructions for dramatically enhancing the look of your home’s bathroom with paint, wallpaper, trim, and accessories. Early sections gave you design ideas for your remodeled bathroom. This one helps you convert those ideas into reality. Even so, feel free to change your mind. If you were going to paint but now think you’d rather wallpaper, go ahead. Or if you want to add more decorative accessories, have at it. You won’t need an addendum to your building permit. All you need to do it is to do it.


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